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Frequently Asked Questions

How and where do you ship your packages from?

Toke House is proud to be a Northwest Ontario based business, located along Highway 17 (highway 1). We ship all items from this location using Canada Post: Expedited Ground Shipping Method.

How will my package look when it arrives?

Each item is packed safely and neatly. Each package will contain your order as well as the possibility of a random gift items ranging from papers and lighters to pipes and stickers!

The package it self will be discreet but labeled with the Toke House name.

How long will it take to receive my package?

As mentioned above, orders are shipping via Canada Post and subject to their working schedule and our inventory levels. Generally Toke House takes 24-48 hours to process orders. Canadian shipments generally take 5-10 business days or less.

Each order is given a tracking number and insured against loss.

Can I return my order?

Toke House only allow returns if the packaging is not open. We do not accept returns for any items that have been opened. All items will have a Toke House seal, if the seal is broken we will not accept the item as a return.

Do you offer any warranty?

All items are subject to manufactures warranty. We urge you to contact the manufacture before contacting us for defective items. Each item will be assessed on a case by case basis.

What do I do if my glass items arrive broken?

Toke House packs all glass pipes and bongs in very secure and adequate packing. Should breakage occur, which is extremely rare, simply email us your order number, copy of your invoice and a photo of your broken item and we will promptly replace the item.


We are not able to give any growing advice, so please do not ask. As well, we only are able to sell to Canadians. A big sorry to US friends.

Your Responsibilities

Make sure your payment is in full, including all shipping, and taxes (if applicable). Proper postage, and address on the letter you send us.
Make sure your payment can be cashed in Canada.
Please type, or print clearly, the return delivery address.

Please Note: Once we put your order in the hands of the shipper, we have completed our service!

We will not address issues with orders after 90 days of us mailing your order.

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