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Connoisseur vs. Random User

A Dose of my Opinion on Quality over Quantity…

I have to admit, having been a so-called “stoner” for over 20 years has ruined me a bit- and not in the ways one might assume. It’s not that look at the time I’ve spent smoking cannabis and think, “gee, I’ve put a lot of time into this, I think I deserve better,” no no, save that thought for life when and if necessary. It’s the memories of the old-school super ganja back in the day. I got to try some of the most amazing strains, that happened to be sporadically available in the midst of the not-so-amazing ones. Strains that literally made me think, “oh my lord, this is so good I don’t want anything less, ever, or smoking bud will mean nothing to me.”

I was right, to a degree… and in those moments I knew I was becoming a full-on marijuana connoisseur. My attitude: “you go ahead & go ‘smoke an ounce to this’, I’m gonna seek out the bud that puts me under (or way over) in 1-3 tokes”.

It has little to do with being frugal and is purely about all around satisfaction, not to mention reaching those plateaus which are the most enjoyable and rare. I have found for myself this is only achievable via certain cannabis strains, grown to perfection with a touch of love. As a side note: I’ve learned over the years that TLC is one of the most important ingredients in THC… I think I’ll save the explanation behind that for a later article though- it is a very interesting topic all in itself!

People who have just recently started smoking cannabis within the past 5-10 years probably have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “that fire from back in the day”. It’s the bud that stunk up a perimeter at least 50 feet wide around the individual carrying it; the stuff that pretty much made you feel like you were on psychedelics; the stuff that looked like it was dropped in corn syrup, then rolled in sugar and flocked with frog’s fur- whatever the hell that really is- nonetheless, a divine decadence like no other. Or, as long-time Long Beach chronic connoisseur, Snoop Doggy Dogg refers to it in many of his songs: “That REAL sticky-icky-ICKY!”
…And trust me, you know when you’ve had it.

Not all marijuana is created equally, in fact, very few products are created equally. Different strains require different methods & provide nuances even some of the greenest thumbs can’t hack. Lighting, temperature, water, nutrients- there are so many variables to consider in growing cannabis, just within the basic elements alone, without adding in more science. But those who do add in the extra steps, who seek the knowledge and take great care create a product that is incomprehensibly better than the rest. There are an abundance of those who just want to put out a mediocre product because it sells and the quantity of their output is what makes them the money. That’s all well and good, but not for people like me.

Why does quality matter so much? Well, let’s say you really REALLY like chocolate. Would you rather eat:

A) Fine imported chocolates from Europe;
B) 99 cent “store brand” chocolate Santas;
C) Nothing if you can’t have (A).

If you answered A & C, you now know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to great cannabis. Compare to anything: vintage private reserve wine vs. boxed wine, fast food versus gramma’s home-cooked meals, etc. One will merely get you by, the other completely envelopes your senses in a way that is almost orgasmic.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, luxury chocolate shops, or wine shops, etc. for connoisseurs exist all over the place- so why not make a luxury marijuana store for marijuana connoisseurs? Or even simpler, have a special section for such in an existing shop? Instead of having to take the word of a bud-tender who is probably almost young enough to be your kid, and most certainly doesn’t know what old-school killer bud is like, why not just have a sticker placed by a test laboratory which indicates that a product meets all the requirements that make it “connoisseur friendly”?

Perhaps I’m truly spoiled, but I think we all deserve the choice between what we know is top TOP shelf versus what someone randomly dubs or tries to convince us is top shelf. I have high hopes (pun intended) that this will eventually become a reality. Until then, it’s nice if you have the funds to continue the scavenger hunt for those beloved “green unicorns”.

Here is a slideshow video of some popular potent strains that are currently available:

(Video courtesy of:

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