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Fountain Of Life, CBD Alternative


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A Heath Canada approved (NPN# 80084596 ) alternative to CBD. Fountain of life offers very similar traits as CBD to effectively treat number of aliments from inflammation to hair growth! It is amazing for lowering blood sugar levels as well as help lose weight!


Fountain of life is formulated for those who are passionate about their natural health. It is for everyone seeking a higher quality and concentration of antioxidants in their diet.

Too often we forget that beauty goes beyond skin deep. Beauty starts from the inside. It begins with the right diet, the right exercise, and now the right supplement.


Lignans are proving to offer incredible benefits to our health as it improves our chances for a healthier cardiovascular system, increase our levels of protection against cancer, and diabetes.


The extract from the Norwegian Spruce has proven to be effective against many pathogens to allow a safe, natural preservative in formulations.


Lignans have shown anti-inflammatory properties that can impact arthritis and chronic inflammatory conditions that lead to cardiovascular issues.

1 review for Fountain Of Life, CBD Alternative

  1. Aline

    I have tried CBD oil and found that it did not take away my pain but wow once I started using Fountain of Life my life changed for the better. I sleep better and I wake up refreshed. I have more energy and I don’t have cramps and pain in my hands from arthritis. My hair and skin looks and feels healthier.
    I even give a drop to my dog who is 13 years old and he now walks and plays like a puppy and have more energy.

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