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Why Silicone Bongs Are the Cure For a Clumsy Stoner

Whenever I look at a glass bong, my first impression is that it seems more fragile than a newborn, and the likes of a butter-fingered, pigeon-toed stoner with impaired depth perception probably shouldn’t handle such an object. The intricate designs of these bongs, along with the time it must have taken the glass-blowing artisan to craft it, almost always come to mind and ultimately makes me want to seek out an alternative smoking device. After all, who would want to be responsible for cracking or chipping such a masterful object, or worse- shattering it into a million pieces?

For those of us who stream thoughts like this through our conscience- yet still adore the use of a bong- there is a fantastic alternative: meet the Silicone Bong.
A few weeks ago, I went out with my best friend as she purchased one of these spectacular silicone bongs for her boyfriend, who had unfortunately become another victim of “Butterfinger disease” whilst handling his own glass piece. Ironically she was going to replace it with another expensive work of glass art (i.e. water-pipe/bong), until we came upon a display containing these:

“It’s perfect”, I thought, this thing could be bounced on the ground like a basketball and still be used to smoke herbs from a minute later!”- not quite literally, but you get what I’m saying. This was something we could put some real mileage on without many worries. We presented her boyfriend with the bong and he loved it! And best of all: it’s still standing on the table in one piece!” 🙂

Note: there is still glass involved, the removable stem and bowl piece of the silicone bong is glass, but that is a very cheap portion to replace if broken compared to the entire thing, therefore this device might also be more practical for those on a tighter budget.

I will always be fascinated with glass and do enjoy the cooling effect it has and clean taste it gives the product you smoke in it (the best news is that the silicone actually manages the same effect). My high opinion of the silicone bong does not mean I advocate never buying glass again, I simply feel that for the more clumsy stoner, a silicone bong is a must-have in their paraphernalia collection.

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