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Waxes and dabs and patches… Oh my!

What will the next THC/marijuana “fad” be?

With so many consumption methods already available to users of THC products, it’s hard to imagine there being any new mind-blowing ideas to hit the market, but wait… there’s always more!

If you would’ve asked me 20 years ago if I thought there would be a transdermal THC patch available for purchase (by legal adults only, of course) at a store just down the street, I probably would’ve laughed so hard I would’ve muffed the bowl. Vaporizers, dabbers, sodas, massage oils, are only a few of the items on a long list of things I had once perceived as wishful thinking. What a time to be alive! To see such an industry of evolution unfold, and it all happens to be formed around cannabis… Pinch me now!

Here are some of our favorite THC products that are currently making waves in the marketplace:

Rosin/ Wax:

(Photo courtesy of:

CBD/THC Pills/Capsules:

Transdermal patches:

(Photo courtesy of:

THC Coffee:

(Photo courtesy of:

How many more clever products will appear in upcoming years? Cannabis is incredibly versatile, so the prediction is that we will see many more customized products hit the shelves within the decade. As long as there is someone willing to make it, there will be someone willing to buy it & try it. I imagine such products as ear or eye drops, facial masks, sneaker inserts, makeup, etc., are begining to or will become huge hits- or maybe I should say: it’ll become another way to inconspicuously take a huge hit- *wink wink*…

The cannabis market is basically one of: “if you can think it, they can create it”, which is very exciting to both consumers & suppliers- because who doesn’t like being the first to make something new & exciting available to others, or be among the first to try it and brag to their friends of it’s wondrous effects?

Technology will play a huge role in THC product evolution. I can already imagine the day our “smart gadgets” (or something of the sort) will sense or be told by us what we are needing or wanting, then create or suggest hybrid products to us that will satisfy the need of that moment. Say for instance, you have a problem with one or two things in particular, like insomnia and/ or a migraine. The device could analyze it’s subject then create (or suggest from a pre-existing catalogue of hybrid products) a perfectly balanced THC product on the spot! As scientists are rapidly gaining more ability to do such things with foods and chemicals and whatnot, I have no doubt the cannabis industry will somehow reel in those capabilities for use with it’s own products. Companies such as Stratos™ are already taking the leap into hybrid THC product creation.

I think one of the big questions from all of the current hybridizing of products will be: Will the products we’ve already crafted and enjoy using today remain potent & effective enough, especially after having used so many different ones for several years? I often wonder if our bodies will adapt, then eventually require more inventive methods of THC delivery. It’s hard to tell what the future will bring, but in the meantime this ever-evolving cannabis industry will keep it’s “test pilots” satisfyingly busy.

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